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  • Raspberry Vodka - 50 ml
  • Cranberry Juice - 25 ml
  • Lemonade - 25 ml
  • Blue Curacao - 10 ml
  • Sugar Syrup - 10 ml
  • Lime Juice - Dash
  • Mint - Sprig

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  • Grab your boston tin, fill it with cubes ice and then simply chuck in all your ingredients apart from your lemonade.
  • Now it’s time to shake what your mama gave you until all your ingredients are blended to perfection.
  • Add some cubes of ice to your hurricane glass, give them a swill to cool the whole thing down and then strain your raspberry vodka cocktail of wonder into the glass.
  • Top with lemonade and chuck a sprig of mint on top for garnish.
  • You can either get drinking at this point or go and try and grab a few butterflies to finish, the choice really is yours.

Serve in: Hurricane glass

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